Rose Clay Facial Mask

Rose clay, often referred to as pink clay, is a gentle, natural clay that contains kaolinite. Rose clay is fabulous for most skin types; including sensitive skin. Rose clay provides gentle exfoliation, helps to draw toxins from the skin, helps to increase circulation, reduces skin irritation, and helps to reduce inflammation.

Most rose clay facials can contain many ingredients, but you can make a homemade facial with only two ingredients:

Rose Clay

Fresh Water

Place 1 Tablespoon rose clay to a cup.  Add one drop of water at a time until it forms a thick paste.

Note:  Instead of water, you can use drops of carrier oil such as almond, argon, avocado, sunflower for a more moisturizing facial.  If you want a fresh scent, you can also use a drop of essential oil too.

Apply to face, keeping clear of lips and eyes.  You may apply to neck, shoulders, and other parts of the body such as shoulders.

It goes on dark red and dries a light pink.  Leave on 15 minutes, or until dry.  Rinse off with warm water, followed by a cool splash.  Pat dry with a soft towel.  Don’t use a wash cloth to remove the facial mask, because it will stain.  I found out the hard way.

Hint: You can also use an herbal tea instead of water.

Use Weekly

Follow up with coconut oil or your favorite oil.

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