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Sage Hill Botanicals, located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, has a large selection of high quality and organic herbs, herbal teas, spices, salts, and natural makeup and skincare. Many people seeking alternative medicine and lifestyles enjoy our shop.

High Quality Herbs
We offer hand selected dried roots, barks, leaves, flowers, berries, and seeds for your herbal remedies.
Spices and Salts
We offer fresh dried spices and salts to “spice” up your dishes, and bath salts to create your own spa.
Organic Herbs and Spices
When only the best will do, we offer organic herbs and spices for your herbal remedies creations.

Herbal Recipes

Learn how to make your own herbal remedies from tinctures, syrups, teas, bath salts, makeup, and much more in our blog


Natural Makeup

Plant and Mineral
Eye Shadows
We used minerals in our eye shadows for their rich colors and added to plant ingredients for silky and sheer coverage that won’t harm your eyes.
Plant Powder Foundation
We used all plant ingredients in our silky foundation. It provides sheer coverage, not cover-up, and heals your skin too. We offer six shades with an option to cover red tones.

Plant and Mineral

We used minerals in our blushes for their rich colors and added to plant ingredients for silky and sheer coverage that will make your cheeks glow.

Violet Leaf Balm for Breasts

This is our best selling balm because it works. This violet leaf balm will help calm and reduce the cysts and give relief from pain. Evening Primrose Oil (loaded with natural Vitamin E) will help relieve the pain also.

Check out all our balms and salves HERE

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Your Herbal Plan, Find Balance, Wellness, and Support

So, you’re ready to try an herbal plan but not sure where to start? We got you covered. Order our special plan just for you. 10% OFF Now

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Free Shipping
We offer herbs and spices in bulk prices at 25% off with a $200 or more purchase. Contact us for more information.