Navel Therapy

Many diseases can be cured through the belly button. It is an amazing fact that putting oil on the navel has unbelievable health benefits. In some countries putting oil in the belly button before going to sleep is considered a tradition.

When we put oil in the navel, the vein detects and carry oil to affected part of the body. There are no side effects of putting oil in the navel. So makes a habit to apply oil in the belly button every night.

The Belly Button

While inside the mother’s womb, the belly button is the source of connection between mother and baby.   Fetus nourished inside the mother’s womb through the navel. The baby gets food, vitamins, folic acid, fats, minerals, protein and oxygen from her/his mother through the umbilical cord. After getting food and oxygen baby backs to the mother all the waste materials by this flexible tube. The placenta is an efficient filter, it does not allow to pass harmful material to the fetus. Baby is connected with his/her mother through this umbilical cord until birth.

Indeed, the human body is the masterpiece of God’s creation. It is most sensitive part of our body. All living things which nourished inside the mother’s womb have the belly button. In short, each placental mammal has the navel. Belly button can be seen in the center of our belly. It is the extrusion and bumps part of the body. The tiny and bulge place in the middle of our belly is known as the belly button, navel, tummy button, and umbilicus. The umbilicus is its scientific name.

The belly button is not just a tiny dot on your navel but it is a chamber which holds the solution to many health problems. The belly button is connected to multiple veins in the body and when it is nourished using oil, it helps you get rid of certain health problems too. Whatever oil or carrier you choose- be it coconut, mustard or rosemary, it will be useful for you!

How To Use Oils

Warm oil is best to use for this treatment, but room temp is okay too.  Every night, place three drops of an oil of your choice in your belly button and softly massage in and around for 1 minute.  Do this every night.  This treatment is safe for all ages unless the navel is red or becomes red for any reason.  See your doctor if the navel is painful or highly infected.

Oils For The Belly Button

Use pure or organic carrier oils and essential oils only.  Essential oils are much stronger than carrier oils and must be diluted in a carrier oil  before applying to skin.  Carrier oils are listed unless otherwise noted.  Yes, you can mix carrier oil in equal parts for a combination of problems.


Acne/Pimples – Neem, Lemon

Anti-Aging – Castor

Anti-Bacterial – Mustard

Appetite (lack) – Olive

Balance (dreams and goals) – Grapeseed

Bones – Olive

Bowels – Mustard

Clearer Skin – Neem

Cold/Cough – Coconut

Concentration – Olive

Cramps – Ginger Essential + Olive

Dandruff – Coconut

Dark Circles Under Eyes/Puffy – Sweet Almond, Castor, Olive, Mustard

Diarrhea – Peppermint Essential + Olive

Dirt (in navel) – Mustard

Eyes, Dry – Coconut

Eye Lashes – Castor

Fertility (men and women) – Coconut

Food Poisoning – Peppermint Essential + Olive

Fungus – Mustard

Gas/Bloating – Peppermint Essential + Olive, Ginger Essential

Gastric (stomach problems) – Mustard

Hair – Castor, Coconut

Indigestion – Peppermint Essential + Olive

Infection – Eucalyptus Essential + Tea Tree Oil + Coconut

Itches/Rashes – Neem

Intestinal Swelling (infants) – Castor

Joint Pain – Olive, Castor, Rosemary Essential

Knee Pain – Castor

Lips, Dry and Problem – Sweet Almond, Mustard

Liver – Olive

Memory – Olive

Menstrual Pain/Cramps – Coconut

Muscles – Olive

Nails – Castor, Mustard

Nasal Congestion – Mustard

Nausea – Peppermint Essential + Olive, Ginger Essential

Scars – Lemon

Skin (moisturizer) – Sweet Almond, Coconut, Mustard

Skin (damaged) – Neem

Skin Tone (dark or white spots) – Neem, Lemon

Sleep – Olive

Stomach Pain/Cramps – Mustard, Coconut, Castor, Ginger Essential

Vision – Coconut, Mustard

Wrinkles – Sweet Almond. Castor

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