The Herb Letters

Welcome to a brand-new, Christian based, storytelling experience full of herblore, folklore, history, romance, adventure, and a little mystery.

The Herb Letters

Step back in time with each snail mail letter into a place of love and intrigue. Each letter is a part of a wonderfully written story of a strong and independent woman. These wise women and their remarkable stories reveal passion, insight, dedication, wisdom, faith, immense heart, and diverse approaches to health-giving therapies. Each woman is a keeper of their ancestors’ teachings and traditions.

Subscribe to receive a beautifully original illustrated letter each month for an entire year. You or a loved one will receive a personal note and the first or next chapter of the story in an envelope with other items pertaining to the story, such as a post card, map, sticker, bookmark of lovely herbs, or other dated material to enhance the story of the day. In other words, extra surprises each month.

Each story is divided into 12 parts, so you will receive a part of the story in each letter. Store your letters in order and reread them as often as you wish.

Each story is Christian based. Drive into an exciting story today.

With a monthly subscription, you or a loved one will receive a letter filled with:

  • The next exciting chapter of the story of choice
  • Photo of main character
  • Beautiful watercolor art
  • Personal note to the subscriber from the main character
  • Something different each month such as a bookmark, sticker, map, etc.
  • Herbal preps and information

The Herb Letter Subscription makes a great gift for an elderly friend. Each month, she will receive a personally addressed letter filled with surprises and note from the character of the story you choose. These stories are Christian based.

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