Oil Cleansing Method

Clean your face with oil?  We’ve been taught all these years to remove the oil from your face if you want a clean face.  Sorry, but that’s not the truth, your skin needs oil to be soft, healthy, and beautiful.

Here’s how to cleanse your face using your favorite oil or oil blend:

  1. In the shower or at the bathroom sink, pour about a quarter size amount or 8 drops of the oil or oil blend into your hand and massage into the skin on your face. Use smooth circular strokes and let this also be a gentle facial massage. Massage for at least a minute (two minutes is better) or until you are sure that the oil has saturated your skin. This will also remove make-up very effectively, so there is no need to remove make-up first. You can even leave the oil on the skin for up to 10 minutes to really deep clean pores.
  2. Place a clean washcloth under very hot tap water (or shower water) until it is completely soaked and quickly wring it out. Open it and place over your face. This will create steam against the skin to remove the oils and any impurities in the skin. Leave the wash cloth on for about a minute, or until it cools. Repeat if needed with the other side of the washcloth and then use the corners of the washcloth to gently remove any remaining oil. There will still be a thin layer of oil on the skin and this is beneficial.
  3. Typically, no moisturizer is needed after the adjustment period, but if you still have dry skin, try using a tiny bit of our facial cream to moisturize skin.
Avocado Oil

If you want a really great cleanser, use castor oil in your blend.  Yes, the castor oil that’s been in your medicine cabinet.  Mix one part castor oil to three parts your favorite oil.  Not sure which oil to use?  There are oils for each type of skin and your skin problems.

Try different oils until you find the right one

for your skin type

Coconut Oil

Which oil to use for your skin type? See Carrier Oil Library.

Castor Oil

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